FAQs Page

I want to make a (blank), but don’t know how, can Go Color help?
Go Color provides a range of document templates to stimulate your creativity. We have templates for everything from business cards to dramatic programs.
How do I know that information I send to Go Color is secure?
Go Color online shopping cart system uses 128-bit encryption, and VeriSign also guarantees all of our credit card payments. At Go Color, your information is completely secure.
Do I have to create an account with Go Color ?
Definitely not! Although every Go Color customer has the option of conveniently saving their shipping address and billing information on our secure servers, this is not mandatory. If you would prefer to enter your information every time, this option is also available.
So, how low are Go Color prices?
Amazingly low! Four-color, one-sided prints are as low as 31¢ per page, glossy, full-color business cards are as low as 25¢ per page, you can get 50 full color, customized glossy greeting cards for less than $25! And these prices are for high quality jobs with loads of interesting options. We welcome you to try out our price calculator and see how much your job will be, because we know you’ll be surprised.
Is there any way for me to proof my documents?
To insure that we print what you want, Go Color turns each of your pages into a low resolution image. Which you can view after your PDF upload completes. Our printing process guarantees what we print will look just like these images, but at a much higher resolution. It is important to proof these images, so that when when you open that package from Go Color, you are getting just what you expect. Some things to check for:
  1. Check that all your text is displaying correctly. If your text is not displaying correctly, check your settings on your PDF creation utility, and make sure that you are embedding fonts in the PDF.
  2. If you are using advanced drawing features in your word processor or drawing program, please check that these will be printed correctly.
  3. Please be sure to check your spelling, phone numbers, weblinks, and email addresses.
  4. Make sure that you have the correct margins. For standard documents you should have a 1/8" white space on all margins. For full bleed documents see the full bleed help information for more details.
  5. Be sure that the "Orientation" and "Flip Style" parameters are correct.
6. Check to make sure you have uploaded the correct number of pages. If you would like a hardcopy proof of your document, then please order a single copy of your job (you can do this on the shipping page.)
I’ve heard that using Go Color helps control my printing costs. How does that work?
Go Color helps you by eliminating the need to keep printed material in stock. No more out-of-date price lists in the back room or throwing out extra flyers. With no minimum quantity and variable printing capability, you can print exactly what you want, in the exact quantity you need. And because of Go Color's low turn- around time, you can order only a few days before you need your prints.
I don’t see my document size listed. Can I still get it printed?
Of course! Go Color’s order page has a place for you to choose Custom Size, and enter your document’s dimensions. It’s that easy!
Does Go Color offer refunds or returns?
In the unlikely event that a mistake is made on our part when printing your document, we will offer a full refund.  
What kinds of payment does Go Color accept?
Go Color accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards, checks and cash.
How is my Go Color order total calculated?
Your order total is a combination of factors including the paper type and document size of your job, the finishing (folding or other document preparation) options, the amount of full color printing your job includes, processing costs, and whether or not your document is full bleed (color printed to the edge of the document).